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Tea Tree Oil: Natural Remedy For Getting Rid of Cold Sores

Tea Tree Oil for Cold sores?

If you are seeking a natural remedy for getting rid of fever blisters, then you must certainly try the goodness of tea tree oil for treating them.

Also known as cold sores, the herpes simplex type 1 virus causes fever blisters. The outbreak mostly occurs around and inside the mouth and takes two to three weeks to heal.

But as long as it lasts, it can be quite irritating. And in some cases, the virus causing the fever blisters remain dormant inside the body and last a lifetime.

However, you can use tea tree oil to heal cold sores. But, is tea tree oil good for cold sores?  Well, this post will share more light on that.

Causes of Cold sores

Apart from fever, cold sores can also be caused by hormonal changes, weakened immune system, stress, overexposure to the sunlight and trauma to the skin.

Some blisters can be highly painful and can also cause burning and tingling sensation followed by inflammation and swelling. In chronic cases, taking medications regularly can cause side effects.

That is why you should opt for natural remedies that can provide you relief from cold sores without any side effects.

What Is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea Tree Oil is popular as a first aid oil as it contains powerful antimicrobial properties. Apart from treating herpes, it is also used for treating viral, bacterial and fungal infections.

It is recommended for treating acne, cracked and rough skin, sores, burns, blisters, warts, boils, athlete’s foot, sunburn, chilblains, insect bites, toenail fungus, and many more problems.

One of the best Tea Tree Oil of all time known to be curing cold sores faster is Majestic Pure Therapeutic Melaleuca Alternifolia Tea Tree Oil with Dropper, 4 fl. Oz.

It is an immune-stimulant and hence is effective in treating whooping cough, soothing colds, tuberculosis, bronchitis and asthma symptoms.

Inhaling the vapors of this oil helps to provide relief from all such respiratory problems.

What Does Research Say?

According to the University of Michigan Health System, the Australian Aborigines have been using tea tree oil for treating skin infections such as herpes or blisters.

A study conducted by Australian researchers and published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, September 2001 edition, has concluded that when the herpes simplex virus in the test tubes was treated with tea tree oil, it got inactivated completely.

How Can You Use Tea Tree Oil For Cold Sores?

Step 1

Clean your hands with a disinfectant liquid or soap and water. Dry the hands with a clean towel.

Step 2

  • Take a cotton swab and dispense a few drops of the tea tree oil on it. If you have a cold sore in a larger area, keep few cotton swabs handy as you may need them to apply the oil to the entire affected part.
  • Make sure that you dab the cotton swab gently on the blisters and do not rub it against them, or they will cause irritation.
  • Let the cotton ball linger a bit on the blisters so that the skin surface absorbs the oil.

Step 3

If you have larger Cold Sores, then apply the oil little by little. Sores can cause more irritation, hence just check whether the tea tree oil is causing any burning sensation with the first sore.

If yes, you should either reduce the amount of oil you are applying or stop the treatment altogether.

Step 4

Discard the used swabs and make sure that they do not fall into the hands of children.

Step 5

Wash your hands with water and soap again and dry with a clean towel.

Step 6

Repeat the same process four to five times a day, depending upon the intensity of herpes and the irritation.

Very few people are allergic to tea tree oil. However, you must check whether the oil suits you or not before applying it on the blisters.

Just before the application, rub the swab on your elbow and see if any burning or reddening of the skin occurs.

If you are not allergic, just go ahead and use this wonderful tea tree oil for fever blisters. If you do not have Tea Tree Oil at home you can buy it here


2 thoughts on “Tea Tree Oil: Natural Remedy For Getting Rid of Cold Sores

  1. Steve

    Im going to try this. What is the average time that they will disapear in? im sure everyone is different but im just curious how many days to apply it.

    1. admin Post author

      It depends on how severe your cold sores are. You can get rid of cold sores as early as 2 days, however, it can be longer.


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