Symptoms of cold sores

Symptoms of Cold Sores: How Can You Tell If You Have one?

Symptoms of cold sores? How can I tell if it is one?

This infection causes the cold sores to break out when your immune system is weak – but what are the symptoms of cold sores?

Many people mistake canker sores for cold sores because their appearance seems similar.

The presence of antibodies for herpes simplex virus type 1 in the blood of a person is an indication of the HSV1 infection.

But at a closer look, canker sores have white areas surrounded by a halo of sharp red color and canker sores are caused by bacterial infections and are not contagious.

Symptoms of Cold Sores

There are a number of ways to tell what the symptoms of cold sores are:

Some people are said to have “prodrome” when they have HSV1. In other words, some symptoms of cold sores take place before the sores themselves.

These can include, a burning sensation as well as tingling around your mouth or lips. You may also catch a fever, and experience swollen glands on the neck or in other parts of your body.

Other people may have a sore throat. Cold sores usually appear after some hours or may even take a day or two.

Small children sometimes drool before the appearance of the sores. When the sores finally break out, it swells and the area is reddened.

Then, it breaks open and discharges a clear fluid, which is contagious. This phase can be very painful at times. From here, the sores will start to heal which can take several days up to two weeks.

It is important that you know what the symptoms of cold sores are, or else you might confuse these with canker sores. And these two illnesses are treated differently.

You must treat these sores right away at the first sight of its symptoms. The treatments work at their best in the early phase, but after the sores healed – the chance of its reoccurrence remains the same.

That is because of the virus, it stays in your system once it invades inside unless the underlying virus is cured.

If you are suffering from Cold Sores I recommend checking out Herpeset, it is an all natural medication that relieves all of the cold sore symptoms listed below.

Stages of a cold sore (or fever blister)

A cold sore will develop in several stages when it recurs.

  • A tingling, itching or burning sensation around the mouth, or infected area, often indicates the start of a cold-sore outbreak.
  • Fluid-filled sores, often on the edges of the lower lip, tend to follow this. Glands may start to swell.
  • The sores often appear in the same place each time. Pain and irritation develop alongside the cold sore.
  • The sores break and ooze. (This ooze is highly contagious and can spread to other  body parts or people)
  • Yellow crust forms on top of the sores and scabs off to uncover pink skin that heals without scarring.
  • Most cold sores disappear within a week or two.

Preventing the spread of cold sore fever blisters

  • When sores are present, the individual should:
  • Avoid kissing or skin contact with other people
  • Avoid sharing towels, lipstick, lip balm, cutlery, and so on with others.
  • Follow good hand hygiene
  • Avoid touching other parts of the body, especially susceptible areas, such as the genitals and eyes

If you touch the cold sores immediately wash the hands with antibacterial soap and warm water.


Cold Sores are a viral infection, that will occur once the virus is contracted and when your immune system weakens or if you are experiencing a lot of stress.

Symptoms can vary but, they relate to; itching, swelling, burning sensations, and the feeling of aches/pains in the infected area.

To treat these symptoms you can use Herpeset which is a natural medicine, & the most powerful treatment for Cold Sores without relying on prescription medication.

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